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Reviews of Criminal Punishment and Restorative Justice

Criminal Punishment and Restorative Justice by David J Cornwell - book cover

‘The strength of this book is in its clear positioning as a practitioner perspective on the dilemmas facing criminal justice professionals working in the UK today. It carries the authority of an author with personal experience of some of the most challenging work the system has to offer, and conveys the genuine passion Cornwell feels about trying to achieve real justice. It is written in a straightforward and unpretentious style which at times borders on the colloquial but which conveys a great deal of information in short, manageable chunks that busy practitioners will no doubt appreciate… what is exciting about this book is that the arguments for change in criminal justice practices in four countries discussed are presented cogently by people who are involved in practice and policy making, and who have first hand knowledge of the real life experiences of both offenders and victims within their systems. Each of these contributions has the style of an informal lecture rather than an academic chapter, and this makes each of them lively and accessible. This is my view makes Criminal Punishment and Restorative Justice a valuable and relevant text for practitioners, academics and students’: Vista

‘Dr Cornwell writes with both students of criminology and criminal justice practitioners in mind, though the issues he addresses will resonate with a much wider professional audience in law, the social sciences, philosophy and politics. He encourages his readers to challenge the conventional wisdom of the criminal justice system in their thinking about the purpose of punishment.’ Internet Law Book Reviews

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