Napper by Alan Jackaman Audiobook

Napper by Alan Jackaman audiobook

Following the recent release of Alan Jackaman’s acclaimed new book Who Really Killed Claire? (in paperback and ebook), we have made his earlier work Napper: Through a Glass Darkly available as an audiobook.

This is a first for our small press, recently made possible through new technology and our ongoing distribution partnership with Google Play.… Read more “Napper by Alan Jackaman Audiobook”

Young Offender to Mural Maestro

Move over Banksy! Who would have believed that a book by an ex-young offender would lead to full-time work as an artist that includes helping prisons to brighten their days?

Justin Rollins, author of The Lost Boyz: A Dark Side of Graffiti – adopted as a criminology course text by colleges and universities in places such as Birmingham and Coventry – has progressed to painting murals and similar works for a living, especially in prisons.… Read more “Young Offender to Mural Maestro”

Gift Ideas: Mind and Mental Health

Gift ideas: mind and mental health

Deep Understanding

For those wanting to improve their knowledge of the workings of the brain, mind and the effect of drugs we have a trio of outstanding books.

Professor David Nutt’s Brain and Mind Made Simple is ideal for newcomers whilst his autobiography, Nutt Uncut challenges long held but seemingly erroneous beliefs in this contentious arena.… Read more “Gift Ideas: Mind and Mental Health”

Gift Ideas: Mothers and Children

Gifts motherhood in prison

These are our gift ideas for people interested in the effect of imprisonment on mothers and children. Perfect for people working in these fields.

Mothers in Prison

For the socially minded and especially members of women’s support groups why not consider either of Lucy Baldwin’s ground-breaking works in this emergent field of interest.… Read more “Gift Ideas: Mothers and Children”

Gift Ideas: Legal History

Gift ideas: history books

In this part of our guide, we cover gift ideas for those interested in legal, social, criminal and political history. These are our top picks, but we have a whole range of history titles to explore.

A Huge Contribution

The Jewish Contribution to English Law has been described as a ‘superb book’ which is ‘interesting, well-researched, erudite and often humorous.’ Charting… Read more “Gift Ideas: Legal History”