Card Security

Our Payment Service Providers (PSPs) are Woocommerce Payments powered by Stripe, and PayPal. Our checkout will automatically connect you to their secure site to make the payment and return you to us afterwards to collect your receipt. You can choose which PSP suits you (both accept most cards – for details see ‘Making a Purchase’ below), and they both conform to the highest international standards for secure payments. We will not keep your card details on record – in fact Waterside Press will never even see them.

Additional Options

MasterCard SecureCode

Verified by Visa

We support the MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa measures which aim to eliminate online credit card fraud by requiring cardholders to use an extra password when making purchases.

When you enter your personal and payment details, you will notice that the web address begins with https://. This means that you are on a Secure Server and all transactions that take place are encrypted between your browser and the server. Nobody is able to obtain your credit card details or any other information.

By making use of Woocommerce Payments powered by Stripe and PayPal we have the most sophisticated online trading systems available. It allows us to safely process your credit card payment with the bank, and complete the financial transactions securely behind protected firewalls. No personal or financial details are left unencrypted on a remote server, and such details are never sent by internet email.

A further level of protection is offered by your credit card company who will refund any transactions on your card which you have not authorised.