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Reviews of Drugs, Victims and Race

Drugs, Victims and Race book cover

‘Giving the growing number of black and ethnic people entering prison in the UK and the frightening example of the dramatic racialisation of prisons in America arising from the so-called war on drugs, this is an important issue for politicians, criminal justice professionals and the wider public.

Kalunta-Crumpton draws on her own previous research to show that police, prosecution and court discretion is often used to construct a picture of drug possession by black people being intended for supply, whilst that of white people is more readily ascribed to personal use.

This book provides a useful overview of some of the critical issues in relation to race and drug policy…this is a book that raises important issues that deserve to be heard and to be responded to by politicians and professionals’.

Jamie Bennett, Prison Service Journal

‘Having read the book, I am left with two very powerful insights. One comes from Kushlik (2004) who says, ‘it is invariably the weakest links in the illegal drug chain (peasant growers, drug ‘mules’ and problematic users) who feel the greatest impact of drug law enforcement……. The bigger players have the resources to evade legal consequences and bargaining powers (as informants) if they are caught’. the second insight is the real damage that is done to effective planning and co-operation nationally and internationally by a prevailing view that sees the drug problem as something caused by others – foreigners and aliens… The analysis presented in this book is essential to anyone wanting to get behind the headlines, initiative and scare stories, and try to recapture an approach based on rational analysis to one of the biggest challenges facing law enforcement today’.

David Sleightholm, Vista

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