Review Copies

Review Policy

Waterside Press will provide review copies free of charge to bona fide reviewers of books (or their review editors as appropriate) for newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.

Applications using our review copy request form should give:

  • Title of the book
  • Reviewer’s name
  • Address to which the book should be sent
  • Publication where the review will appear
  • Expected date for publication of the review
  • A copy of the review should be sent to Waterside Press on publication, or where possible sooner
  • Where there is a delay in publication it is helpful to be told about this.

Media copies

We will at our discretion provide copies free of charge to the media where this relates to news items, features and programmes and on the strict understanding that once a book is requested on this basis the title, author’s name and source, i.e. Waterside Press (or preferably our web-address: is mentioned in the article, programme, news item, etc.

We reserve the right to issue an invoice after the event for the cost of the publication and delivery where this is not followed. Copies for the purposes of more general research are charged at our normal direct mail rates but we are prepared to consider special requests on an ad hoc basis. All requests should be sent by email with sufficient supporting information.