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Gift Ideas: Mothers and Children

Gifts motherhood in prison

These are our gift ideas for people interested in the effect of imprisonment on mothers and children. Perfect for people working in these fields.

Mothers in Prison

For the socially minded and especially members of women’s support groups why not consider either of Lucy Baldwin’s ground-breaking works in this emergent field of interest.

Mothering Justice reveals the need for justice to be tempered for mothers.

Motherhood In and After Prison lays the foundations for her proposed Motherhood Charter to protect women who have experienced imprisonment.

Children Affected by Parental Imprisonment

My Parent in Prison Series

Books designed to help explain to and comfort young children whose parents are in or going to prison include our My Parent in Prison Series in conjunction with Time-Matters UK. These are Alex’s Dad Goes to Prison, Tyler Does Not Have Contact With His Dad in Prison and Bethy’s Mum is in Prison.

All released in 2022, these books will also be helpful in group, support and mentoring work.

And more…

Find more in our Women, Family Matters and Gifts sections.

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