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Gift Ideas: Mind and Mental Health

Gift ideas: mind and mental health

Deep Understanding

For those wanting to improve their knowledge of the workings of the brain, mind and the effect of drugs we have a trio of outstanding books.

Professor David Nutt’s Brain and Mind Made Simple is ideal for newcomers whilst his autobiography, Nutt Uncut challenges long held but seemingly erroneous beliefs in this contentious arena.

Brand new is Drug Science and British Drug Policy edited by Ilana Crome, David Nutt and Alex Stevens which is set to become the standard text with its 50 year multi-disciplinary challenge to the outmoded Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Gift ideas: mental health

Personal Accounts

Two equally challenging and highly personal accounts – this time of mental ill health – were released in 2022:

Justin Rollins’ Mental Me

‘A searing, page-turning, roller coaster ride through one of the darkest jungles in the Criminal Justice System’

 Jonathan Aitken

and Frankie Owens’ Why I Chase Comedians and Other Bipolar Tales

‘This great, accessible book takes us on a journey revealing the reality of being bipolar, and its interfaces with incarceration’

Dr Paul Norman, University of Portsmouth.

Both these quasi-autobiographical accounts repay reading times over and contain fascinating insights through ‘survivor’ humour.

And more…

Find more in our Mental Health and Gifts sections.

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