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Gift Ideas: Legal History

Gift ideas: history books

In this part of our guide, we cover gift ideas for those interested in legal, social, criminal and political history. These are our top picks, but we have a whole range of history titles to explore.

A Huge Contribution

The Jewish Contribution to English Law has been described as a ‘superb book’ which is ‘interesting, well-researched, erudite and often humorous.’ Charting significant lawyers, judges and politicians from 1858 to the present day, Barrington Black pieces together the major contribution Jews have made to law and democracy in England.

Controversial Events

The truth about H-Blocks, hunger-strikes, escapes and power struggles, The Maze Prison is a ‘must read for those interested in the legacy of our troubled past.’ Tom Murtagh challenges commonly held views to warn how easily a community can descend into anomie.

A Celebration

Our Magistracy is ‘a breath of fresh air’ which explains the rationale, goals and over-riding values in the administration of summary justice. Describing the magistracy as a great national institution, John Hosking nevertheless does not shy away from the modern challenges it faces.

Dark Angel

Mary Ann Cotton was not just the first but perhaps the UK’s most prolific female serial killer. Yet, until David Wilson’s book and the resultant ITV drama series Dark Angel she was little known outside her native north east. How do serial murderers go undiscovered despite clear signs? How are they eventually caught? By a leading expert on serial killers. 

Crime history series

A Wealth of Learning

In his expansive Crime History Series, Gregory J Durston ranges from orchestrated witch-hunts, through Tudor law and order, to the dubious characters of eighteenth century London and the hierarchies and social control at a time of relative lawlessness. In each of the four volumes in the series he reveals the emerging forms and systems of justice, with all their inherent quirks, consequent outcomes and opportunities for corruption.

And more…

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