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Gift Ideas: Memoir

Gift ideas memoir/autobiography

Be inspired by these revealing stories of people involved or caught up in the criminal law (and related areas).


Anne Harrison’s memoir Call Me Auntie is a ‘…compelling account, not just of her search for her birth mother but of her extraordinary journey from being a child in care, then qualifying as a social worker and finally becoming a magistrate.’

Nutt Uncut describes the life, distinguished career and scientific achievements of a world expert on drugs, David Nutt. The book details the risks of harm to drug users, surveys the state of medical knowledge around various currently prohibited substances and contains far more besides about the usually hidden world of drugs.

A Woman in Law: Reflections on Gender, Class and Politics is ‘Well written and beautifully composed in terms of the strands [the author] interweaves so successfully.’ Professor of Criminal Law Celia Wells always felt like an outsider – her memoir is frank and revealing – in it she distils the essence of the career challenges and issues that women still face.

Gift ideas memoir/autobiography

Lives Turned Around

Your Honour Can I Tell You My Story? is Andi Brierley’s story of a life moving through care, prison and social rejection to becoming a youth justice specialist (and now a university lecturer). With many insights for those interested in young people in trouble, the book shows how small things can make a difference.

The Lost Boyz: A Dark Side of Graffiti describes Justin Rollins’ days growing up on the streets of south London as a one-time leader of a graffiti gang. It contains countless lessons for young people who might be attracted to crime (and anyone involved with them socially or professionally).

Ten years on from The Lost Boyz, Mental Me traces the origins of Justin Rollins’ anxiety, OCD, PTSD and other life-limiting conditions. It details how the author overcame ‘locked-in’ thinking and a violent way of life to become a recognised expert on gangs, street crime, drugs and youth culture.

Fifty-One Moves is a ‘powerful’ (Guardian) account of abandonment, loneliness and rejection in family life, the care system and beyond. Ben Ashcroft shares many cautionary tales for parents, professionals and carers alike, as he explains how he turned his life around.

Don’t miss the humour of Why I Chase Comedians as Frankie Owens explores the overwhelming nature of his bipolar condition. The book contrasts the out-and-out ability of this well-respected expert in criminology and literacy with the bizarre behaviour which landed him once more in prison, needing to rebuild his life yet again. 

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