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Fifty-One Moves

by Ben Ashcroft, Foreword by Dr Peter McParlin


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It is shocking that although just one per cent of children are taken into care by local authori­ties, almost 30 per cent of prisoners have been in care.

Ben Ashcroft’s heart-rending account of abandonment, loneliness and rejection in family life, the care system and beyond begins at age nine and ends with him turning his life around after being moved from pillar to post, crime, drugs, ‘going missing’ and custody.

Ten years on, he works to motivate young people from similar backgrounds to believe that they can do the same; that whatever life throws at them they should “Never, ever, give up”.

It is also a warning to parents, professionals and carers alike: to listen to what young people have to say, to make time for and reassure them and to recog­nise the often small but important things that make a difference in the bewildering world of growing-up.


‘A powerful book that gives a hard-hitting account of the care system… and is vital reading for anyone wishing to learn about the true effects of multiple placement moves and the resilience it takes to “never, ever give up”— Guardian

‘Perhaps this inspirational memoir will encourage psychologists and social workers to spend more time listening to children and finding ways to build on their strengths and interests’– The Psychologist

‘Challenges the core concepts we have as members of society, or indeed as child care professionals’– Dr Peter McParlin (from the Foreword)

The book was described as inspirational, powerful, emotional, compelling and required reading for anyone interested in the care system when released on Kindle, e.g.

‘An inspiring and moving account of the trauma and distress caused to a young boy by his family and our care system’– Sarah

‘A very raw book…but this only adds to the sense of passion and honesty with which it is written’– Fiona Sorsby, Bingley, West Yorkshire

‘This motivational read is such a hard hitting tale…it’s heartfelt and gives such a clear first-hand account of life living in a care home…A brilliant worthwhile read about a man who truly turned his life around’– Stacey Spencer


Since ‘sorting out his life’, Ben Ashcroft has had a variety of mainly unskilled jobs before setting out to realise his lifetime ambition to become a published author. Someone who also enjoys creativity, he is also in demand on the conference circuit where he has worked with audiences both large and small.

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