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Review of Justice for William

Justice for William by Helen Simpson - book cover

‘I confess that I did not find the book comfortable reading and almost put it to one side after the first couple of chapters. I’m glad that I continued with it as it taught me to be even more understanding in relating to those who suffer…Suffering need not destroy. Their book is a testimony to that fact’.
Terry Waite CBE

‘As I progressed through Justice For William, I was compelled to severely disrupt my normal daily routines, in the vain hope of being able to race to the last gripping page in a single session. I strongly commend this story of extreme horror to those naive members of the largely law-abiding populace who, in their innocent naivety, are unaware that most incidents dramatised and portrayed on their television screens nightly, in action-packed soaps and screen dramas are in fact borrowed from real life events, which brought sheer disbelief and utter misery to the surviving relatives of actual victims. Most of all I would recommend it to Government Ministers, Members of Parliament, Consultant Psychiatrists, Criminologists, Senior Police Officers, Prison Governors, Coroners, members of the legal profession, Crown Prosecution Service, Senior Judiciary, Magistracy, the Sentencing Advisory Council and Human Rights protagonists’.
Michael Hughes, Internet Law Book Reviews, February 2007

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