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Why Did You Do It?

Explanations for Offending by Young Offenders in Their Own Words

by Jackie Worrall, Foreword by Paul McDowell


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Real life stories with expert analysis; Case studies and comment; Provides a valuable perspective on youth offending; Contains key messages about youth crime. The voices of young offenders—the real life stories behind the worrying and sometimes tragic lives of those who get into trouble with the law. Setting these within the context of descriptions of youth justice policy, Jackie Worrall conveys to her readers an understanding of how and why young people become offenders going far beyond that to be gleaned from everyday rhetoric and theory. Why Did You Do It? contains raw, first-hand accounts of young people involved in crime. These stories cast a different light on youth offending to that so often portrayed by the media, making this new and insightful work a valuable resource for anyone trying to grasp the social, penal or criminological implications of youth crime. What are the traps that can ensnare young people as they grow up and the triggers which can so easily see them onto the wrong side of the tracks? In Why Did You Do It? Jackie Worrall sets out their explanations, examines a critical phase in their lives and dissects the political mantra, over-tidy solutions and off-the-cuff responses.


‘Having worked with offenders for decades, Jackie Worrall’s experience and knowledge is unparalleled’: Paul McDowell, CEO, Nacro.


Dr Jackie Worrall was born in London and read law at Warwick University before working as a probation officer in Birmingham and Warwickshire. In 1982, she joined Nacro, the crime reduction charity, as manager of a youth training scheme. During her career she took on a variety of crime-related responsibilities for Nacro, culminating in her role as that organization’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs—and hence her unrivalled knowledge and experience when dissecting the explanations or excuses in this book.


With a Foreword by Paul MacDowell, Chief Executive of Nacro.

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