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Invitation: The First Miscarriage of Justice

Invitation: The First Miscarriage of Justice
The First Miscarriage of Justice
The ‘Unreported and Amazing’ Case of Tony Stock

6 pm, Monday 20 October 2014

Venue Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster

Tony Stock fought for 43 years to clear his name. His case had been to the Court of Appeal four times and is recognised as one of the most outrageous miscarriages of justice of modern times. Sadly, Tony Stock died at the end of 2012. The fight goes on.

Barry Sheerman MP for Huddersfield – together with Waterside Press and the Justice Gap – invite you to remember Tony Stock at the launch of a new book The First Miscarriage of Justice: The ‘Amazing and Unreported’ Case of Tony Stock by Jon Robins.

‘The importance of this relatively unknown case for the public is that it should be recognised and heeded for what it is. Not just a massive blot on the judicial landscape but a blot which has haemorrhaged to become the landscape itself. The Stock story should be mandatory reading for everyone, not merely those involved with the law, whether they be students, practising lawyers, teachers, judges. It concerns the quality of our criminal justice system and its continued reluctance and unwillingness to root out injustice.’
Michael Mansfield QC, from the Foreword.

‘Sadly Tony is no longer with us, but his epic fight for justice continues. We hope that through the hard work and commitment of his long-standing solicitor Glyn Maddocks and Tony’s many supporters his case will once again be before the appeal judges before too long. The contribution of the Criminal Cases Review Commission – who referred the case back to the Court of Appeal for an unprecedented second time in 2008 – must be recognised. But as this new book makes clear this case must go back again. Justice must be done. What does it say about our criminal justice system, if such an outrageous injustice is left to stand uncorrected?’
Barry Sheerman MP.

Journalists: review copies are available by contacting Waterside Press or by 01256 882250.

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