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Gift Ideas: Humour + signed copies

Gift ideas

Welcome to the first of our guides to Waterside Press books which make great gifts.

We start with a real joy of a book, and one which can be signed and personalised by its well-known author. To take advantage of this extra special gift option be sure to order in plenty of time!

‘Good Moaning!’

Did you know that Arthur Bostrom, who played one of TV’s favourite characters in hit series ‘Allo, ‘Allo!’, has reprised the role? He even has his own YouTube channel:

In his light-hearted Fronch Phrose Berk he translates words and phrases in everyday use, answers queries from fans, and shares handwritten pages from his Poloceman’s Newtberk. The book is illustrated by John Cooper, has a Foreword by music legend Rick Wakeman, and there is even a very helpful Undex at the back.

Some example translations

(from policing) their tools betwoon their logs

(from his wartime days) resostance farter

(when shopping) these troosers are too shirt


Personalised signed copies
A sample translated inscription

And what’s more, in an exclusive available only via Waterside Press, Arthur will personally sign and inscribe a copy of his book Good Moaning France!: Officer Crabtree’s Fronch Phrose Berk.

Tell him what you would like to say to the recipient and he will translate it into Officer Crabtree’s finest Fronch. Simply provide your requested (brief) inscription in ‘Order Notes’ during checkout. 

The book was a huge success in this regard last year when many found personalised copies in their Christmas stocking.

And more…

We have many more suggestions in the Gifts section of our online shop.

Last Order Dates

Don’t forget to check the our recommended last order dates and place your order in plenty of time. Details including international services can be found on our dedicated page.

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