Justice-related Gifts to Consider

The Darker Side

We start with a subject area which despite its seriousness remains perennially popular, before moving onto ‘lighter’ matters! Alan Jackaman’s Napper: Through a Glass Darkly was the basis for the Channel 4’s 2021 drama ‘Deceit.’ It describes his 15 year campaign to bring Robert Napper to justice for a later murder after he killed Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common plus the mistakes that allowed this to happen.… Read more “Justice-related Gifts to Consider”

Thomas Mathiesen (1933-2021)

Thomas Mathiesen  (1933-2021)
All at Waterside Press were saddened to learn of the death on 28 May 2021 of Scandinavian sociologist Thomas Mathiesen who was for many years Professor of the Sociology of Law at Oslo University. His fine achievements will be amply catalogued elsewhere so I will confine myself to a few personal recollections.… Read more “Thomas Mathiesen (1933-2021)”

David Faulkner CB (1934-2020)

David Faulkner - A Tribute
The sad news that David Faulkner CB (1934-2020) has died will have been a shock to many of those in his wide professional and social networks. Substantial obituaries and accolades have appeared elsewhere (e.g. in the Guardian), so I will confine myself to a personal perspective as David’s one-time (distant) colleague and latterly publisher of two of his books.… Read more “David Faulkner CB (1934-2020)”