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Fitted In Project to Launch The Cardiff Five at the House of Commons

The Fitted In Project launch at the House of Commons
The Fitted In Project are holding the official launch event at the House of Commons for:

The Cardiff Five: Innocent Beyond Any Doubt
By Satish Sekar


The Flagship Projects
Proved Innocent
Just Tariffs

The Jubilee Room in the Palace of Westminster
The Cardiff Five - cover image
Date and Time
On the 5th September between 9am and 11am

If you would like to attend please email the Fitted In Project

About the Fitted In Project

The Fitted-In Project ( is a group of concerned people who decided to organise themselves to achieve their potential to facilitate policy changes in the criminal justice system. It dedicates immeasurable time and effort helping individuals who have become involved in cases of injustice caused by the failures of the criminal justice system, including the Crown Prosecution Service (more about Fitted In – opens in new window).

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