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The Longest Injustice

The Strange Story of Alex Alexandrowicz

by Alex Alexandrowicz and David Wilson


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Alex Alexandrowicz spent 22 years in prison protesting his inno­cence—the result of a plea bargain which went wrong and turned into a Kafkaesque nightmare. The book includes extracts from his ‘Prison Chronicles’ a record of those experiences and his fight for justice. For most of his time as a discretionary life sentenced prisoner, Alex was a Category-A high security inmate, often in solitary confinement. His chronicles vividly portray these times as well as the difficulties faced by people in British prisons who maintain their innocence, something for which the system does not allow—indeed, as David Wilson explains, it penalises them. Alex spent time in some of Britain’s most notorious gaols and this book contains graphic descriptions of life inside. Alex’s story was brought to further prominence with the publication of Dear Fiona: Letters from a Suspected Soviet Spy by Fiona Fullerton (Waterside Press, 2012) which tells of his long relationship with the film star and contains many of the letters they wrote to each other and a selection of his poems.


Alex Alexandrowicz spent 22 years in some of Britain’s most notorious gaols much of this time as a Category A high security prisoner. His Prison Chronicles are a first hand account in which he explains why he believes he was wrongly convicted (a matter currently with the Criminal Cases Review Commission) and vividly recreates his experiences of the early years following his arrest. Institutionalised by the system and apprehensive of the outside world he now lives alone in Milton Keynes where he continues the long fight to clear his name from a flat which has grown to resemble a prison cell. David Wilson is Professor of Criminology and the Director of the Centre for Applied Criminology at Birmingham City University. A former prison governor, he is editor of the Howard Journal and a well-known author, broadcaster and presenter for TV and radio, including for the BBC, C4 and Sky Television. He has written several books for Waterside Press: Prison(er) Education: Stories of Change and Transformation (with Ann Reuss) (2000), Images of Incarceration: Representations of Prison in Film and Television Drama (with Sean O’Sullivan) (2004), Serial Killers: Hunting Britons and Their Victims (2007) and Looking for Laura: Public Criminology and Hot News (2011).

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