• The Criminal Justice Act 2003 by Bryan Gibson

The Criminal Justice Act 2003

A Guide to the New Procedures and Sentencing

by Bryan Gibson, Michael Watkins


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The keys to decoding the Act. The ideal all-round treatment of the CJA 2003 and its impact across the criminal justice process. Whatever else you may read you will surely value this clear, accessible and informative introduction covering all key aspects of the Act in a readable way. All the essentials: the keys to decoding the mass of statutory provisions – In just 176 pages. With Key Extracts and Summaries from the Act. ‘A chronological walk through the 2003 Act’ looking at processes and procedures – from those affecting initial investigation into an offence, remand and bail to those bearing upon criminal trials – and Sentencing: the fresh principles and criteria, new-style sentences and considerations. An essential and practical work for anyone wanting an accessible introduction with a clear focus on key aspects of the Act bearing on issues central to daily practice.


‘Bryan Gibson has done a good job producing his little book for a big Act’: Internet Law Book Reviews

Contents include

  • investigation and detention under PACE (Part 1 of the Act)
  • bail: the important changes to the Bail Act 1976 (Part 2)
  • cautions: the new scheme of ‘conditional cautions’ (Part 3)
  • charging of accused people (Part 4)
  • disclosure of evidence by the prosecutor and more particularly the defence (Part 5)
  • allocation and transfer of cases: the new-style ‘mode of trial’ and the nuances of the Courts Act 2003 (Part 6)
  • trial without a jury where there is ‘jury nobbling’ (Part 7)
  • ‘live links’ between courts and witnesses in other locations (Part 8)
  • prosecution appeals: the extensions to existing rights (Part 9)
  • retrial of certain serious allegations following acquittal: exceptions to the rule on ‘double jeopardy’ following the Stephen Lawrence case (Part 10)
  • hearsay evidence and other evidential provisions (Part 11), DNA, fingerprinting etc.
  • sentencing (Part 12) , including
    • the new framework, criteria and purposes of sentencing
    • community orders for offenders aged 16 or over (the ‘generic order’ in all its variants)
    • prison sentences the three new varieties: ‘custody plus’; ‘custody minus’ and ‘intermittent custody’
    • dangerous offenders involved in sexual or violent offences
    • release on licence and adjustments to post-custody supervision
    • The Sentencing Guidelines Council
    • plus the effect of previous convictions, use of pre-sentence reports and the release of prisoners
  • juveniles a note
  • ‘miscellaneous’ and ‘general’ changes
  • the Act in the context of contemporary developments

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