• Introduction to the Family Proceedings Court by Elaine Laken

Introduction to the Family Proceedings Court

by Elaine Laken, Chris Bazell and Winston Gordon

Edited by Bryan Gibson


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An outline of the law and practice of the family proceedings court in England and Wales, this introductory handbook contains:

Part I: An introduction to the jurisdiction, powers and procedures of the family proceedings court; and
Part II: A selection of informative materials.
The handbook avoids jargon and complexity to provide an accessible reference point for all people interested in how decisions are arrived at in this court.


The contents of Part I are as follows:

1. Introduction
2. Children
3. Procedures
4. Welfare of the Child
5. Financial Provision
6. Enforcement
7. Domestic Violence and Occupation of the Family Home
8. Adoption

The materials in Part II include application forms, specimen directions and Best Practice notes as well as a number of key forms and aids to decision-making. There are notes on findings of fact and reasons for decisions, guidance to lawyers on how to prepare for a trial and on expert witnesses (i.e. their role and the court’s expectations of them).

Excellent reviews


The three authors are all serving justices’ clerks responsible for the administration of family proceedings courts and experienced in such matters as giving directions to the parties as part of their day-to-day responsibilities and training magistrates and advising them on all aspects of this subject.

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