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From Percy to Peter

A History of Dyslexia

by Jenni Beard


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Jenni Beard is dyslexic. She discovered this after her son Peter was diagnosed with the condition and she made the connection. She thus writes from a unique standpoint about a much overlooked topic’s history and controversies. Sometimes called ‘word-blindness’ (and known by other names), there is even today debate whether dyslexia exists at all, only in specific or individual forms, or as part of physical or mental conditions.

From Percy to Peter traces these arguments, historically and, centrally, during the years of the Word Blind Centre. Skilfully weaving the views of experts and opinion formers with her extensive experiences and research, Jenni Beard supports her wide-ranging survey of dyslexia with a wealth of facts, anecdotes and valuable extracts from the literature.

Percy was probably the first recorded child to be diagnosed as dyslexic and his name has become a byword for teachers and other professionals. By linking the subject to her own (and her son Peter’s) experiences this book helps to convey the range and complexities of dyslexia for everyday readers. Among topics included are: the pioneers and their work; the fact that dyslexia affects individuals differently; and the debates, papers, books and magazines around what was once dubbed a ‘middle-class disease’.

Deals with the myths and realities of the syndrome. Gives tips for coping with dyslexia. Based on a lifetime of research.


‘No one method of teaching children suits all, be it “look and say” the initial teaching alphabet, real books, or speed phonics. Some… just learn to read, others have to be taught, and those unusual ones have to be helped to find their pathway through the jungle.’


In the Kindle version of the ebook there is the option to use OpenDyslexic – a font specially designed to be easier for those with reading impairments to read. This is part of Kindle’s system and must be chosen within the Kindle app or menus. See Amazon for more details.


Jenni Beard obtained her teaching certificate from Whitelands College of Education. She completed a diploma course in textile design at Goldmiths, University of London before undertaking the British Dyslexia Association Diploma Course for teaching those with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) and obtaining an MA in Biography at Buckingham University. She has worked as a special needs teacher and university support adviser.

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