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A Therapeutic Community in a Private Prison and Developments in Therapeutic Work with Personality Disordered Offenders

by Eric Cullen and Judith Mackenzie, Foreword by Barbara Rawlings


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The only book on Dovegate Therapeutic Community; Contains first-hand insider accounts by staff and inmates; Describes the latest developments in TC work; Provides extensive data and references. A closely observed account of the UK’s first private sector prison-based Therapeutic Community (TC)—a 200-bed facility. The book considers: the background to and regimes at Dovegate; modern developments in TC work with (often high-risk) offenders; the differences between Dovegate, Grendon and other UK prison-based TCs; private and public sector imperatives; democratic and hierarchical TCs; reparative, restorative and punitive approaches; accreditation, group work, assessment, suitability and de-selection TC-culture versus prison culture the role of positive attitudes, relationships and experiences; psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, security and control; how TCs alter behaviour and prevent crime.


‘A timely addition to the growing literature about therapeutic communities (TC) operating within British prisons. Written by two ‘insiders’, the book charts the history and development of the TC at the privately run HMP Dovegate, but does not shirk from investigating the pros and cons of operating within an environment that seeks to make a profit. Written in clear and accessible prose, the book also usefully includes the voices of residents located at Dovegate, a chapter on the history of TCs in British prisons, and concludes with an optimistic look at the future of TCs within the penal system. At a time of our highest ever prison population let’s hope that Dovegate makes it onto the reading list of [the justice minister]’: Professor David Wilson, Centre for Applied Criminology, Birmingham City University

‘I am affected, warmed and humbled, urging you to read this book. It’s a real experience’: Dr Barbara Rawlings (from the Foreword).


Dr Eric Cullen, a forensic psychologist, was lead consultant to the successful private sector contractor for Dovegate TC. He formerly worked at Grendon and Springhill Prisons. Dr Judith Mackenzie is the TC Consultant, supervisor, trainer and psychodynamic lead for Dovegate TC. She is qualified in general medicine as well as highly experienced and holding qualifications in key aspects of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and medical management

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