• Criminal Justice 2000 by Michael Cavadino

Criminal Justice 2000

Strategies for a New Century

by Michael Cavadino, Iain Crow, James Dignan


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A classic work from a moment in time. This key addition to Waterside’s Criminal Policy Series contains many valuable insights into criminal policy-making in Britain – a process typified in recent years by political manoeuvring, irreconcilable sentencing aims, a lack of coherence and divisive attitudes, including, so the authors argue, attempts at reform being undermined through ‘judicial independence’). A first-rate analysis of the competing strategies by three of the UK’s leading commentators – which proceeds from a restorative justice standpoint and is rapidly establishing itself as a key text for criminal justice and criminal policy courses across the UK. Ever since Jack Straw replaced Michael Howard as British Home Secretary in May 1997, the New Labour government has been taking the criminal justice system in new directions. But what is the nature of New Labour criminal justice policy? What strategic options does the government really have for dealing with the problems of crime and punishment-and where is it likely to take us in future?

This timely book analyses past and present policies in British criminal justice and distills a set of three broad options for the future. Strategy A is the futile, expensive and doomed quest to control crime by ever-increasing levels of harsh punishment. Strategy B is the managerial, bureaucratic approach which tries to achieve maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Strategy C is the principled approach which seeks to protect the human rights of both offenders and victims by means such as rehabilitation, reintegration and restorative justice. A ‘landmark publication’ – a standard text attracting wide attention from lawyers, practitioners and academics across the criminal process. An analysis of criminal justice at the millennium by three of the UK’s leading commentators.


Michael Cavadino, Iain Crow and James Dignan are three leading observers of British criminal justice. They explain how modern practitioners and politicians ought to be thinking in 2000 and beyond and assess the prospects for the above strategies in the new century. They are all at the Centre for Criminological and Legal Research, University of Sheffield.

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