• A Good Man Inside by Will Phillips - book cover
  • A Good Man Inside by Will Phillips - book cover
  • A Good Man Inside by Will Phillips - book cover
  • A Good Man Inside by Will Phillips - book cover

A Good Man Inside

Diary of a White Collar Prisoner

by Will Phillips

Paperback, Hardback

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A Good Man Inside is the diary of one man’s experiences of his time in prison written over 300 days as he reels from and makes sense of being under lock and key. A white collar criminal he sees himself as someone who should not really be in prison — as ‘a good man’ for whom his incarceration is doubly punitive, not practically necessary or achieving much other than the degradation and powerlessness of being in prison. But as time passes he accepts his fate and settles down to the regime, helping others and using the experience to best advantage. The book takes the reader through the day-to-day minutiae of prison life, prison conditions and the strange language of prisoner interchanges, hygiene, mental health and prison food. It emphasises the different worlds of captors and captured and deals with the preoccupations of someone who has known better times and wishes to get back to what is left of his life and family and start all over again. Captures the essence of the sudden incarceration of a previously respectable white collar offender whose reputation and comfortable life have been turned upside down. Not only from self-interest, does he try to explain the futility of locking up people like himself making the book of interest to prison reformers as well as general readers.

Set out as a diary and very easy to read.

Illustrated by the author.

Humorous, sometimes dark, critical, insightful and of particular interest to prison reformers.


‘Has the great merit of providing the reader with a vivid account of the baptism of a first-time prisoner’– Independent Monitor.

‘It’s worth reading A Good Man Inside if only to get some sense of what prisoners really go through pretty much every day’– Prison UK.

‘A fascinating insight into prison life and the thought process of Will Phillips as he comes to terms with incarceration… a mixture of humour and pathos… a good read’– Elaine Beckton.


Will Phillips is a singer-songwriter and performer whose on-stage experiences include as lead singer in bands and working in musicals such as Camelot and Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. Having also worked as a chef and catering events consultant and organizer, in 2010 he found himself in prison for fraudulent offences. The author of several short stories, including Ouija Board and Curse, he spends his free time at home playing his guitar in the company of his Siamese cat and best friend Dexter.

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