Review of Harry Roberts and Foxtrot One-One

Review of Harry Roberts and Foxtrot One-One
Author and penal reformer, Bob Turney

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who reads and enjoys non-fiction crime books as I found it gave a fascinating insight into one the most notorious crimes of the last century. Harry Roberts, John Duddy and John Witney, shot dead three police officers on the streets of Shepherd’s Bush in August 1966 and this book goes into great detail about the murders.… Read more “Review of Harry Roberts and Foxtrot One-One”

Review of Whores and Highwaymen

Review of
Legal historian John Hostettler reviews “Whores and Highwaymen: Crime and Justice in the Eighteenth-Century Metropolis” by Gregory J Durston

Unique Work

Dr Durston has written a valuable and erudite work of reference taking the reader through every aspect of crime and punishment in London in the eighteenth century.… Read more “Review of Whores and Highwaymen”