Reviews of Restorative Justice in Prisons

Restorative Justice in Prisons by Tim Newell and Kimmett Edgar - book cover

‘This is essential reading not just for those interested in penal policy, but for anyone with a broader interest in effecting organisational change.’

Thames View (June 2007)

‘This is a wonderfully useful tool for influencing policymakers towards a better system. Meticulously researched and rationally argued throughout, the authors speak direct to government, police and prison service on their own terms, neatly arguing that all those institutions will achieve their objectives, if they adopt the restorative approach ….… Read more “Reviews of Restorative Justice in Prisons”

Reviews of Criminal Punishment and Restorative Justice

Criminal Punishment and Restorative Justice by David J Cornwell - book cover

‘The strength of this book is in its clear positioning as a practitioner perspective on the dilemmas facing criminal justice professionals working in the UK today. It carries the authority of an author with personal experience of some of the most challenging work the system has to offer, and conveys the genuine passion Cornwell feels about trying to achieve real justice.… Read more “Reviews of Criminal Punishment and Restorative Justice”