Young Offender to Mural Maestro

Move over Banksy! Who would have believed that a book by an ex-young offender would lead to full-time work as an artist that includes helping prisons to brighten their days?

Justin Rollins, author of The Lost Boyz: A Dark Side of Graffiti – adopted as a criminology course text by colleges and universities in places such as Birmingham and Coventry – has progressed to painting murals and similar works for a living, especially in prisons.… Read more “Young Offender to Mural Maestro”

Tenth Anniversary as Film Trailer Released

Tenth Anniversary as Film Trailer Released
15 February 2021

Justin Rollins’ The Lost Boyz celebrates its tenth anniversary as one of our best-selling titles this month – some feat for a book written by a reformed offender, that it should be consistently in demand for that length of time.… Read more “Tenth Anniversary as Film Trailer Released”

Gallery: Justin Rollins at Birmingham City University

Justin Rollins’ autobiographical book The Lost Boyz and poetry collection Street Crhymes have been adopted as required reading for over 500 Criminology students at BCU. Both deal with his life on the streets of South London as a gang member facing violence daily and other risks of a throwaway lifestyle.… Read more “Gallery: Justin Rollins at Birmingham City University”