Gendered Justice

Gendered Justice edited by Lucy Baldwin book cover

Gendered Justice seeks to enhance knowledge and practice in relation to criminalised women and anyone affected by their imprisonment. It calls for compassionate trauma-informed, and gender-specific approaches. As editor Dr Lucy Baldwin explains,

‘How society engages with women coming into contact with the Criminal Justice System can have a profound and lasting effect on their lives, so it is important to ensure that the impact is an informed and positive one’.Read more “Gendered Justice”

Gift Ideas: Mothers and Children

Gifts motherhood in prison

These are our gift ideas for people interested in the effect of imprisonment on mothers and children. Perfect for people working in these fields.

Mothers in Prison

For the socially minded and especially members of women’s support groups why not consider either of Lucy Baldwin’s ground-breaking works in this emergent field of interest.… Read more “Gift Ideas: Mothers and Children”

The Prison Psychiatrist’s Wife

The Prison Psychiatrist’s Wife - book cover

The Prison Psychiatrist’s Wife is a gripping true story of a Herculean project as Sue Johnson’s husband Bob, recruited to work with notorious offenders at Parkhurst Prison, sets out to discover whether he can change dangerous and violent men.

What begins as a bold and enlightened experiment leads Dr Bob into clashes with prison culture and eventually to the High Court with threats to invoke the Official Secrets Act.… Read more “The Prison Psychiatrist’s Wife”

‘Motherhood Charter’ for Imprisoned Mothers

Author Lucy Baldwin

Waterside Press is pleased to congratulate author Lucy Baldwin on her appointment as Associate Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health at the University of Durham commencing Michaelmas Term 2022.

Working closely with partners in policy and practice and with the encouragement of the Ministry of Justice Lucy is leading a working party aiming to develop a ‘Motherhood Charter’.… Read more “‘Motherhood Charter’ for Imprisoned Mothers”

Motherhood In and After Prison

Motherhood In and After Prison - book cover

Motherhood In and After Prison focuses on how imprisonment impacts incarcerated mothers’ maternal identity, emotions and role. It explores both the short and longer-term consequences of sending mothers to prison. It reveals the devastating and often underestimated impact of maternal imprisonment on mothers themselves, on their children, and on their families and their place in society.… Read more “Motherhood In and After Prison”