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Justice for Victims and Offenders

A Restorative Response to Crime

by Martin Wright


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SECOND EDITION: Martin Wright’s original ground-breaking and influential analysis of the defects of the adversarial system of justice, plus the arguments in favour of a more constructive and victim-oriented approach. A book that has had a major influence on victims’ issues and restorative justice – and that is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand those developments. One of the most compelling arguments about the need for change in relation to victims and offenders. A critically acclaimed and key work in the annals of criminal justice. A book that should be read by all students of victims’ issues and restorative justice – that is fully in tune with the modern-day debate. A plea for a more constructive and victim-conscious approach. A book that will be of interest to people across the criminal justice process, including judges, magistrates, police, lawyers, probation officers, prison governors and prison officers, victim workers – and politicians!


‘May appeal to practitioners and academics in the field of criminal justice as well as to those concerned about the treatment of lawbreakers and victims’: New Life

‘An informative addition to the excellent Waterside Press series’: Vista


Martin Wright is a former Director of the Howard League for Penal Reform, Policy Officer of Victim Support, and Librarian of the Cambridge Institute of Criminology. He is a Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester, and the author of Restoring Respect for Justice and Justice for Victims and Offenders. He is joint editor of Mediation and Criminal Justice: Victims, Offenders and Community. A founder member of the Restorative Justice Consortium, he is currently a member of its board, and acts as a voluntary mediator in the Lambeth Mediation Service, London. As an active member of the European Forum for Restorative Justice he has spoken at many international conferences, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute for Conflict Resolution, Bulgaria.

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