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Harry Roberts and Foxtrot One-One

The Shepherd’s Bush Massacre

by Geoffrey Barton, Foreword by Mike Waldren QPM


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In August 1966, two weeks after England won the World Cup, and four miles from Wembley Stadium, Harry Roberts and his associates gunned down three unarmed police detectives in front of dozens of primary school children. The nation was outraged and struggled to understand what had happened. Roberts had served in the special forces during the conflict in Malaya and claimed he was assigned to kill selected targets. He returned to the UK keen to continue such work in civilian life, but he was rejected by the two gangs that dominated the London Criminal Underworld in the 1960s, the Krays and the Richardsons. Prophetically, they considered him to be too violent. Following the Shepherd’s Bush Massacre, Roberts’ accomplices, John Witney and John Duddy, were quickly arrested, but Roberts went to ground, using the survival and camouflage skills that he had learned in the British Army. Harry Roberts and Foxtrot One-One covers every detail of the investigation and manhunt that followed, from arrest, trial and imprisonment to Roberts’ eventual (and controversial) release. One of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century. The case that led to the police firearms training arrangements seen today. Looks at the tragic impact on the victims’ families. By a former senior Metropolitan Police armed officer.


‘This is a successful book covering a famous crime within British history. Whether you know this case or its details are new to you, Harry Roberts and Foxtrot One-One is recommended reading for an intrigued and curious true crime reader, covering a case in the UK that will never be forgotten… A fascinating look at a triple murder, high-profile police investigation and the capture and trial of the killers, populated with images and historical narrative to root the telling of this crime in the era it took place’– Crime Traveller.

‘ … highly recommended for anyone who has an interest in crime, or for criminology students – it is a must read’– Bob Turneyread the full enlightening review.

‘This important book from Waterside Press covers meticulously every detail of the investigation and manhunt that followed, from arrest, trial and imprisonment to Roberts’ eventual (and his controversial) release.’– Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers.


Geoff Barton joined the MPS in 1975, learning his trade in Brixton and Walworth, where his size, strength and power soon made him a fearsome adversary. Selected for firearms training he focused on tackling dangerous robbers, murderers and serial killers. He is the author of The Tottenham Outrage and Walthamstow Tram Chase: The Most Spectacular Hot Pursuit in History (2017, Waterside Press).

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