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Youth Justice

Youth Justice

Titles covering e.g. the Youth Court, Youth Justice, the administration of juvenile justice, and factors related to child involvement in crime (and in their adult lives too).

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Whose Criminal Justice?

Whose Criminal Justice?: State or Community?

Edited by Katherine Doolin, John Child, John Raine and Anthony Beech

ISBN 9781904380627

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Price:  25.00

Letters to a Lifer

Letters to a Lifer: The Boy Never to be Released

by Cindy Sanford

ISBN 9781909976153

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Price:  19.95

Street Crhymes

Street Crhymes

by Justin Rollins

ISBN 9781904380993

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Price:  12.95

The English Riots of 2011

The English Riots of 2011: A Summer of Discontent

Edited by Daniel Briggs

ISBN 9781904380887

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Price:  20.00

Fifty-One Moves

Fifty-One Moves

by Ben Ashcroft

ISBN 9781904380245

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Price:  10.00

Recovery Stories

Recovery Stories: Journeys through Adversity, Hope and Awakening

by Kate Jopling

ISBN 9781909976160

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Price:  14.95

Growing Out of Crime

Growing Out of Crime: The New Era

by Andrew Rutherford

ISBN 9781872870496

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Price:  18.50

Youth Justice and The Youth Court

Youth Justice and The Youth Court: An Introduction

by Mike Watkins and Diane Johnson

ISBN 9781904380535

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Price:  22.95

Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines: Creative Writing with Offenders and People at Risk

by Michael Crowley

ISBN 9781904380788

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Price:  25.00

The Pain and The Pride

The Pain and The Pride: Life Inside The Colorado Boot Camp

by Brian P Block

ISBN 9781872870847

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Price:  13.00

Page:  1  2   >   >>   View All (22)

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