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The Idiot Boy (hardback) book cover

The Idiot Boy (hardback) Hardback - 10 March 2012

by Bob Turney. With a Foreword by David Wilson.

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Hardback |  ISBN 9781904380818 |  Published 10 March 2012192 pages | Edition 1st | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

Bob Turney, who has profound dyslexia, was written off by society at a very early age. Nick-named “The Idiot Boy” by his schoolteachers, he went on to lead a self-destructive existence of crime and addiction, spending 18 years in and out of the prison system. His story reveals his chaotic struggle and how he turned his life around, eventually becoming a probation officer, international speaker and author. “Crime doesn’t pay, but the hours are good”: Joey Pyle. “I know Bob Turney, and I know his work, I have witnessed him hold an audience, spellbound”: Dr Deborah Cheney. “Bob Turney is a true champion of human rights in the penal system”: Baroness Helena Kennedy QC.

The Speaker

Bob has established himself as a sought after name on the after-dinner circuit, as well as giving keynote addresses at corporate conferences and charity and educational functions. Bob articulates his fascinating story in an engaging and easily digestible manner, relevantly tailored to the specific audience. “The whole evening was an emotional roller coaster, a very thought provoking evening” (Paul Kerry, Provo, Utah, USA) “I found Bob’s presentation truly inspirational. I could have listened to him all day. When I got home I couldn’t stop talking about his presentation. What a life he has had, he is a great individual. You don’t see many of them in one lifetime” (Nicky Jordon, Crowthorne, Berkshire, England)


Since retiring from the Probation Service Bob Turney has pursued a career as an international speaker and author. He makes regular appearances on television and radio and is a guest lecturer in many universities and colleges, both in England and abroad. Some of his books are the core texts for students studying criminology. He is a gifted and sought after speaker on the after dinner circuit, and as a keynote speaker at conferences. A member of the audience leaving one of his motivational seminars was quoted as saying “Bob made me laugh and cry at the same time”.

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