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Restorative Justice

Our range of restorative justice and victim-focused titles covering: restorative justice theory and practice, restorative justice in prisons, the victims of serial killers, victims (more generally), conflict resolution and personal stories

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Civilising Criminal Justice

Civilising Criminal Justice: An International Restorative Agenda for Penal Reform

Edited by David Cornwell, John Blad and Martin Wright

ISBN 9781904380047

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Price:  25.00

Restorative Justice in Prisons

Restorative Justice in Prisons: A Guide to Making It Happen

by Tim Newell and Kimmett Edgar

ISBN 9781904380252

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Price:  19.50

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Mercy: A Restorative Philosophy

by David J Cornwell

ISBN 9781909976016

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Price:  12.95

Restoring Respect For Justice

Restoring Respect For Justice: A Symposium

by Martin Wright

ISBN 9781904380382

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Price:  22.00

Against Imprisonment

NEWAgainst Imprisonment: An Anthology of Abolitionist Essays

by David Scott

ISBN 9781909976542

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Price:  25.00

Doing Justice Better

Doing Justice Better: The Politics of Restorative Justice

by David J Cornwell

ISBN 9781904380344

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Price:  22.50

Making Good

Making Good: Prisons, Punishment and Beyond

by Martin Wright

ISBN 9781904380412

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Price:  21.00

Justice for Victims and Offenders

Justice for Victims and Offenders: A Restorative Response to Crime

by Martin Wright

ISBN 9781872870359

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Price:  19.00

Recovery Stories

Recovery Stories: Journeys through Adversity, Hope and Awakening

by Kate Jopling

ISBN 9781909976160

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Price:  14.95

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution: A Foundation Guide

by Susan Stewart

ISBN 9781872870656

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Price:  16.50

Page:  1  2   >   >>   View All (23)

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