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Our legal history range includes titles on crime and punishment, prisons, serial killers, the patron saint of lawyer, court history, case history, a history of the uxbridge magistrates, the history of the abolition of capital punishment, the women's suffrage movement and more.

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Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton: Britains First Female Serial Killer

by David Wilson

ISBN 9781904380917

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Price:  19.95

Helena Normanton and the Opening of the Bar to Women

NEWHelena Normanton and the Opening of the Bar to Women

by Judith Bourne

ISBN 9781909976320

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Price:  22.50

Three Cases that Shook the Law

NEWThree Cases that Shook the Law

by Ronald Bartle

ISBN 9781909976306

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Price:  19.95

Garrow's Law

Garrow's Law: The BBC Drama Revisited

by John Hostettler

ISBN 9781904380900

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Price:  11.99

Sir William Garrow

Sir William Garrow: His Life, Times and Fight for Justice

by John Hostettler and Richard Braby

ISBN 9781904380696

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Price:  22.95

Fields, Fens and Felonies

NEWFields, Fens and Felonies: Crime and Justice in Eighteenth-Century East Anglia

by Gregory J Durston

ISBN 9781909976115

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Price:  35.00

Whores and Highwaymen

NEWWhores and Highwaymen: Crime and Justice in the Eighteenth-Century Metropolis

by Gregory J. Durston

ISBN 9781909976399

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Price:  35.00

The Curious Mr Howard

The Curious Mr Howard: Legendary Prison Reformer

by Tessa West

ISBN 9781904380733

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Price:  29.95

The Legend of St Yves (colour edition)

NEWThe Legend of St Yves (colour edition): Law, Justice and Mediation

by Bryan Gibson

ISBN 9781909976061

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Price:  9.95

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