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Gambling Addicts' Praise for How I Conned the Bookies

Gambling addict review of Bookies book


The image above shows a common kind of message received by Jason Haddigan, author of How and Why I Conned the Bookies: Lessons from a Loser for Gamblers the World Over. Jason is now campaigning for a ban on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), which he sees as huge part of the problem. But there are those for whom more advice is still necessary:

JK, Prisoner A5900AL, HMP Highpoint North, Straddishall, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 94G

Dear Jason

Well I'm not sure what to say. I'm not a huge letter writer and don't even know if you will get this via Waterside Press. But I've never read a book so compelling, especially as a compulsive gambler myself. After reading part of your book in Inside Time, I decided to buy a copy from Amazon. Within 6 hours I've read the book word for word, front to back and I am amazed at the similarities in our stories.

At 29 I am stuck here at Highpoint, serving my fourth custodial sentence for fraud and without gambling I wonder if I had just not got the horrible bug all compulsive gamblers get, would I of ever seen a prison cell?

I've done the big wins (£114K Footie ACCA) aged 18 and 2 days, to punting massive 29, 12, 3, 32, 4 neighbour bets, and playing in massive Omaha games. I've also done the huge losses (1000x) more than I've ever had a 'small' touch. Nothing's enough.

I'm even grifting the wing pool table at the moment for £2.50 a game. Considering my weekly wage is £7.25 my bankroll is a graft on its own.

I've also done the love you thing, the get married rubbish purely because I saw a meal ticket, somewhere to live where your parents are not constantly splitting up and getting back together.

Sadly growing up in a Rugby club bar and a pub as the son of good hard working landlords, I've grifted pool tables and believed I knew the way every fruitie paid out the jackpot, and of course pumped £100 in to win the £35 jackpot 'to prove a point'.

Going on the run, using a B&B, smashing FOBTs the lot. It is scary all the similarities and I've heard numerous other gamblers stories, just the same as mine and the one before. But I need to change and I'm wondering if you've got any advice.

Similar to you I spent 2 years bet free, due to a successful business. But the day my 3 year nationwide casino ban was lifted, again I started, then took loans and overdrafts out in the company name and screwed my business partner (which I tried justifying as soon after it happened I found he was (Redacted).

I need a different life. I want to be bet free. I want a home where I am safe, paying the rent. But I do not have a Scooby Do. What support networks I have, who to approach or where the fuck to turn before it's too late and I turn the lights off myself.

I've done the whole GA thing. I tried getting into residential rehab in Dudley. I am nowhere closer but conscious I'm released in 12 months and I don't want to come back.
So again, fuck knows why I wrote this but if you have any advice God damn I would appreciate it.

Great read. 5-star Pal, I just need to stop too now.

Thanks JK.

These are just two of the many such contacts Jason Haddigan has had since writing his book How and Why I Conned the Bookies: Lessons from a Loser for Gamblers the World Over. He has now also written his 10 Tips That Will Help You To Stop Gambling which we have made freely available.

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