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All Titles A-Z

All Titles A-Z

Alphabetical list of Waterside Press titles currently in print.
(N.B. Some additional titles which are only of interest for historical perspective appear in the Backlist.)

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Relational Justice

Relational Justice: Repairing the Breach

Edited by Jonathan Burnside, Nicola Baker

ISBN 9781904380061

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Price:  19.00

Restorative Justice in Prisons

Restorative Justice in Prisons: A Guide to Making It Happen

by Tim Newell and Kimmett Edgar

ISBN 9781904380252

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Price:  19.50

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Restoring Respect For Justice

Restoring Respect For Justice: A Symposium

by Martin Wright

ISBN 9781904380382

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Price:  22.00

Seen & Heard

NEWSeen & Heard: 100 Poems by Parents & Children Affected by Imprisonment

Edited by Lucy Baldwin & Ben Raikes

ISBN 9781909976429

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Price:  14.95

The Sentence of the Court

The Sentence of the Court: A Handbook for Magistrates

by Michael Watkins, Winston Gordon and Anthony Jeffries

ISBN 9781904380054

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Price:  19.50

Serial Killers

Serial Killers: Hunting Britons and Their Victims 1960-2006

by David Wilson

ISBN 9781904380337

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Price:  22.50

Serial Killers and the Phenomenon of Serial Murder

Serial Killers and the Phenomenon of Serial Murder: A Student Textbook

by David Wilson, Elizabeth Yardley and Adam Lynes

ISBN 9781909976214

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Price:  25.00

Silently Silenced

Silently Silenced: Essays on the Creation of Acquiescence in Modern Society

by Thomas Mathiesen

ISBN 9781904380153

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Price:  17.50

Sir William Garrow

Sir William Garrow: His Life, Times and Fight for Justice

by John Hostettler and Richard Braby

ISBN 9781904380696

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Price:  22.95

Page:   <<   <  11  12  13  14  15  ...   >   >>   View All (194)

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